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Narrative BI is an augmented analytics platform for non-technical users that generates actionable insights from the corporate data in seconds.

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Our first experience of getting insights from Narrative BI was very unusual: we were delighted to see how the tool went from knowing nothing to providing a valuable feedback almost immediately. Even on small datasets, the performance was remarkable, and Narrative BI generated valuable insights we previously missed.
Nik Savrov
CTO, Uscreen

What is Narrative BI?

Narrative BI is an analytics platform that automatically generates valuable insights from your data. Narrative BI makes data available to every business person and dramatically reduces time to insight.

Within your data lies a story, let Narrative BI tell it.

Receive Personalized Insights

Narrative BI delivers personalized insights to the user based on the goals, KPIs, and role in the company: from detailed insights on the recent Facebook Ads campaign to company growth prediction.

Eliminate Dependencies

Non-technical users are often struggle with the time it takes to gain insight from their data. Narrative BI allows them to get insights without technical assistance and eliminate dependency on the data team within the organization.

Make Quicker Decisions

By automating the insights generation process, Narrative BI makes every employee data-driven. Users are empowered to drive the business forward without asking data specialists to perform ad-hoc queries.

Remove Data Silos

Narrative BI aggregates data from multiple data sources and creates a single source of truth for your company. No technical knowledge required.
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What makes Narrative BI so unique?

While popular tools on the market require specialized skills and make you do extra work to get data insights, Narrative BI brings them right to you.
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Predictive Insights

Using anomaly detection, Narrative BI’s proprietary algorithms generate meaningful insights for the user without the click of a button. Narrative BI uses time-series analysis to discover key trends from historical data to predict future outcomes.
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Natural Language Processing

Narrative BI speaks your language. Through our patent-pending Natural Language Generation Engine, users can receive insights described in plain English.
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Social Media Inspired User Interface

Users can share insights with the team and get their questions answered without the hassle of learning a new tool. Narrative BI has created a fun platform that people like to use.
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Collaboration & Reporting

Easily share your insights with the team via email, discuss them directly in the tool and tag your colleagues where you need their input.


Connect your favourite data sources in two clicks. No technical support needed.
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1. Connect

Add your data sources from integration wizard in the tool.
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2. Explore

Enjoy your personalized feed of insights instantly after connecting the data.

Sharp. Nimble. Personal.

The Narrative BI team was founded by a diverse group of tech entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and Europe.
We believe in a personal touch, with flexibility to handle any use-case or challenge your business presents to us. Our goal is to win your business through an effortless approach to BI with a personal touch.
At Narrative BI, we put our clients, product and culture first.
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Would you like to see Narrative BI in action?

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Would you like to see Narrative BI in action?

Leave your email address to discuss how your company can get first actionable insights today
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