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Marketing Teams

Use personalized insights to improve your day-to-day marketing activities.
Predict Marketing Impact on Sales.
Have a clear vision of how marketing drives revenue and receive suggestions on channels that will generate more leads for your sales department.
Focus on things that work.
Get recommendations on marketing budget optimization and plan successful campaigns with Narrative BI predictive insights.
Example of Google Analytics insight based on GA data.

Sales Teams

Use lead scoring to close more deals from day one.
Be in the right place at the right time.
Narrative BI will help you concentrate efforts on the most promising leads in your pipeline. Our lead scoring solution can predict the customer need and when you need to close the deal.
Integrate your CRM in just two clicks.
With our seamless Salesforce and Hubspot integrations, you can enjoy personalized data narratives immediately.
Example of an alert about customer based on Salesforce data.

Product Led Growth

Understand your users and get data insights from multiple data sources.
Get user behavior insights.
Have a clear understanding about customer roadblocks and receive actionable suggestions on user experience.
Drive user retention.
Get actionable recommendations on how to keep your customers engaged and interested in your product.
Single source of truth.
Connect multiple data sources, like Mixpanel and Amplitude, and Narrative BI will find hidden interdependencies for you.
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Example of an alert about A/B test result based on Mixpanel data.

Customer Success

Understand your customers and never miss an opportunity to grow existing business relationships.
Control the churn rate.
Narrative BI can predict customer behavior and send you an alert when the churn risk is high and when your customer is not using the product.
Be a revenue-driver in your company.
Understand how your efforts are driving customer satisfaction, and get recommendations on how to achieve higher retention and LTV.
Example of an alert about customer engagement based on Hubspot data.

Powerful Data Narratives Help Achieve Goals Across Multiple Industries

Narrative BI helps companies in multiple industries achieve new levels of growth. Explore some of our industry solutions below!

SaaS and Technology

Marketing and sales departments need to apply modern tools to grow the business exponentially. Narrative BI builds bridges between product, marketing and sales data, and helps business users find new perspectives on growth, retention and engagement.
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Consumer Brands

Retail and e-commerce brands reached new heights in the last few years, marking the beginning of a new era for online commerce. Customers are generating more data than ever, and Narrative BI helps marketing teams provide personalized user experiences and generate more revenue with previously hidden insights.

Media & Entertainment

As audience preferences change fast, you want to know how your content is adopted across all channels. With Narrative BI, you will never miss a critical shift and understand which content resonates with which audiences.
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Narrative BI allows you to be reactive instead of reactive, so you can manage more clients and identify trends to make smart decisions and grow your clients. No more manual reports – with Narrative BI, you can schedule your reports to be generated & shared automatically.
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