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From small agencies to Fortune 500 companies, thousands of organizations have leveraged Narrative BI to automate insights. Equip your team for unparalleled success by turning data into growth opportunities.

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and top-notch startups
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Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and top-notch startups
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One platform, infinite possibilities: Data narratives for every industry

Turn data into actions: access the insights that matter. Narrative BI empowers knowledge workers to get answers from company data without knowing how to ask questions.


Streamline your data analytics and bring consistency to decision-making across your enterprise. Narrative BI offers automated insights and reports that align with your organizational goals.


Scale your reporting capabilities with ease. Track dozens of marketing campaigns simultaneously and stay ahead of the competition with AI-powered insights.

SaaS and Technology

Optimize your SaaS performance effortlessly. Narrative BI delivers insights that help you understand user behavior, improve product features, and drive customer acquisition.

Retail and Ecommerce

Skyrocket your e-commerce conversions with data you can act on. Narrative BI's automated insights reveal untapped growth opportunities, setting you on a fast track to growth.

Use cases with clear ROI

Here's how Narrative BI empowers growth teams with AI-driven analytics
Use case for digital agency

Digital Agency, London

  • Enabled the agency to automate reporting for 35 of their clients.
  • Saved 150+ hours of manual work per month.
Use case for saas company

SaaS Company, San Francisco

  • Contributed to a 20% improvement in ROAS with Ad Performance insights.
  • Enabled the executives with daily insights on key product metrics.
Use case for ecommerce business

Ecommerce Business, New York

  • Aided $1B+ legacy business in early digital transition.
  • Simplified analytics for non-tech marketers with AI-powered narratives.

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Solutions by Department

Empower every department with insights

Explore how thousands of teams are using Narrative BI and find out how you can benefit from the meaningful insights today!


Marketing reporting
Analyzing marketing data doesn't have to be complicated. With Narrative BI, even non-technical marketing teams can effortlessly track daily and weekly channel performance, pinpoint anomalies, and adapt to unexpected traffic fluctuations.
This streamlined approach, enhanced by generative AI for marketing, leads to simplified data analysis and faster, more confident decision-making.
Google Analytics 4 icon

Google Analytics 4

Featured integration
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Marketing reporting
PPC reporting


PPC reporting
Keeping track of the PPC performance fluctuations can be complex, but it doesn't have to be. With Narrative BI, gain an intuitive understanding of both positive and negative performance drivers.
Uncover potential issues or opportunities with ease, freeing your team to focus on strategic actions rather than paid search analysis. Make empowered, data-driven decisions that elevate your PPC campaigns to the next level.
Google Ads icon

Google Ads

Featured integration
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Facebook Ads icon

Facebook Ads

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Sales reporting
Tired of manual processes and struggling to track funnel conversions? Narrative BI is your AI-powered ally, providing automated business intelligence when you need it most.
Get laser-focused advice on sales and conversions and enjoy a single source of truth with AI-generated insights that align with your CRM, marketing, and advertising data for a 360-degree view. Make smarter, faster decisions and drive pipeline execution with actionable, narrative-driven recommendations.
Salesforce icon


Featured integration
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Sales reporting
SEM reporting


SEM reporting
Navigating the landscape of search trends, algorithm updates, and competitor techniques can be overwhelming. With Narrative BI, get more than just numbers—receive actionable recommendations tailored to your unique challenges.
Adapt to new trends with ease, gaining valuable insights into keywords and growth drivers. Stay ahead of the curve and turn SEM uncertainties into opportunities for growth.

Google Search Console

Featured integration
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Customer Success

Customer success reporting
Why settle for siloed data when you can have a complete picture? Narrative BI merges your marketing, customer success, and sales data, providing you with a holistic view that's ripe for strategic action.
Leverage AI-powered insights to identify growth opportunities and refine your customer journey. Discover gaps in your conversion strategy and minimize manual data entry, freeing your team to focus on what really matters - customer success.
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Customer success reporting
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George Pohl

Narrative BI is well suited for SME's!

Narrative firstly is a great tool for beginners in marketing analytics - it allows all of our team - even non-technical / analytical get involved! As Mark Ritson said, 'The average is the enemy of the marketer' and Narrative helps us fight that battle every day. Instead of wading through averages, we can spot and evaluate the outliers, the true insights.
Arsen Avdalyan

Narrative BI helps me view and act on tons of customer data points easily.

There’s a lot of customer data in the internal analytics tools, but it’s not actionable for our product team. You have to spend a lot of time to detect unexpected user behavior. Narrative BI helps me understand our users better and now it’s easier to decide which features we should optimize next.
Curt Cuscino

Encapsulates Marketing + Advertising Performance Data to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Google Analytics is ultra-powerful when it comes to managing our clients’ MarTech stacks, but it’s easy to get lost in the overwhelming amount of data there. Narrative has given us a way to get “just the good stuff”, and the most important metrics we need for making daily decisions on behalf of my agency’s clients from Analytics to Ad Spends. The condensed insights we get from Narrative are incredibly helpful, and now indispensable in our daily mix of tools.
HypeLife Brands
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