Introducing AI Data Analyst: Chat with Your Data

We are thrilled to introduce AI Data Analyst, an advanced Generative BI tool designed to redefine how Narrative BI users — growth teams, marketers, and executives — engage with data. This brand-new release from Narrative BI is designed to address the common challenges of data analysis, enabling you to interact with data through intuitive, conversational interfaces. Now you can get AI answers to your data questions!

Experience the Power of Generative AI Data Analytics

AI Data Analyst lets you engage with your data through simple dialogues. You can use it as a co-pilot when digging into already generated data narratives, or use it as an ad-hoc tool by uploading new data. To try AI Data Analyst, upload your spreadsheets here, or open any narrative and ask a question within a narrative. Here’s how you can accelerate your decision-making process with key AI Data Analyst features:

Natural Language Query

Say goodbye to complex query languages! Natural Language Query lets you ask questions about your data in plain English, whether it’s from uploaded spreadsheets or integrated data sources, and get AI answers in seconds.

In-Narrative Questions

Go one step further by asking follow-up questions within your narratives. This feature allows for a deeper exploration of your data, enabling you to uncover comprehensive insights without breaking the flow of automated analysis.

Chat with Your Data

AI Data Analyst makes analyzing your CSV, XLSX, or data from integrations like GA4, Google Search Console, and Google Ads as easy as texting. This seamless interaction ensures that your data analysis is as straightforward as a conversation.

Ad Hoc Insight Tool

Need quick insights from a new dataset? Upload your spreadsheets, pose your initial questions, and let AI Data Analyst provide deep, actionable insights in seconds. This tool is perfect for ad-hoc analysis, giving you the power to make informed decisions swiftly.

Enhanced LLM Recommendations

Our advanced LLM Recommendations are designed to offer not just general suggestions but specific, actionable insights tailored to your unique queries and data scenarios.

AI Data Analyst is not just a tool; it’s the future of Business Intelligence. By integrating advanced AI with user-friendly data narratives, Narrative BI is making it possible for anyone on your team to leverage complex AI data analysis and get data insights without any technical hurdles.

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Curt Cuscino

Encapsulates Marketing + Advertising Performance Data to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Google Analytics is ultra-powerful when it comes to managing our clients’ MarTech stacks, but it’s easy to get lost in the overwhelming amount of data there. Narrative has given us a way to get “just the good stuff”, and the most important metrics we need for making daily decisions on behalf of my agency’s clients from Analytics to Ad Spends. The condensed insights we get from Narrative are incredibly helpful, and now indispensable in our daily mix of tools.

George Pohl

Narrative BI is well suited for SME's!

Narrative firstly is a great tool for beginners in marketing analytics - it allows all of our team - even non-technical / analytical get involved! As Mark Ritson said, 'The average is the enemy of the marketer' and Narrative helps us fight that battle every day. Instead of wading through averages, we can spot and evaluate the outliers, the true insights.