Enhanced Advertising Reporting. The “Copy” button

While releasing significant updates like LLM Recommendations and integrations with HubSpot and Google Search Console earlier this year, we at Narrative BI did not forget to address general bugs and incremental improvements that enhance your daily analytics experience. Here’s what we’ve been working on:

Enhanced Advertising Reporting

Expanded Google Ads Metrics

We've introduced new metrics including Interactions, Engagements, Video Views, View Rate, Cost per View, and View Through Conversions. These additions will provide a more rounded view of your Google Ads' performance and audience engagement. You can review your available metrics here.

Facebook Ads Revenue Insights

Recognizing revenue as a crucial metric, we've integrated deeper revenue insights for Facebook Ads to help you better assess the financial performance of your campaigns.

Facebook Ads Conversion Insights

We've expanded our Facebook data synchronization to include detailed conversion metrics such as actions, conversions, cost per conversion, website purchase ROAS, and more. This enhancement allows for a more comprehensive understanding of your Facebook advertising performance and conversions.

The Copy Button

Ease of use is key; hence, we've added a 'Copy' button enabling you to effortlessly copy and paste Narrative BI insights into your emails or presentations, simplifying the reporting process.

Better GPT Insights

We've improved the format and structure of GPT-generated insights for better clarity and readability. Every GPT insight now contains the overview (summary) section, insights as well as actionable recommendations. Check your GPT Insights.

Narrative Format Improvements

  • Improved titles for aggregated insights and charts, ensuring clarity and grammatical correctness.
  • Enhanced chart titles and narrative emphasis through bold and title-case formatting, making reports easier to read and understand.
  • Introduction of bullet and numbered lists for Ad Performance insights, enhancing readability and emphasis.
  • Introduced multiple drill-downs for metric-specific narratives, improving the contextual analysis, especially for metrics from sources like Google Search Console.

Hashtag Improvements

  • Streamlined hashtags by removing spaces and underscores, improving searchability and aesthetics.
  • Addition of new tags like #Revenue, #Channel, and refinement of existing tags to enhance organization and filterability of insights.

Each of these updates is designed with you, our users, in mind. By addressing common issues and integrating your feedback, we aim to make your data analysis more intuitive, insightful, and impactful.

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Curt Cuscino

Encapsulates Marketing + Advertising Performance Data to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Google Analytics is ultra-powerful when it comes to managing our clients’ MarTech stacks, but it’s easy to get lost in the overwhelming amount of data there. Narrative has given us a way to get “just the good stuff”, and the most important metrics we need for making daily decisions on behalf of my agency’s clients from Analytics to Ad Spends. The condensed insights we get from Narrative are incredibly helpful, and now indispensable in our daily mix of tools.

George Pohl

Narrative BI is well suited for SME's!

Narrative firstly is a great tool for beginners in marketing analytics - it allows all of our team - even non-technical / analytical get involved! As Mark Ritson said, 'The average is the enemy of the marketer' and Narrative helps us fight that battle every day. Instead of wading through averages, we can spot and evaluate the outliers, the true insights.