Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about Narrative BI

What is Narrative BI?

Narrative BI is a no-code analytics platform for growth teams that automatically turns raw data into actionable narratives.

What is Narrative BI for GA?

Narrative BI for GA is a free self-service integration of Narrative BI with Google Analytics. Narrative BI for GA helps you stay updated on the most important metrics and anomalies in your website data.

Do you support GA4?

We currently support Universal Analytics only. If you are using Google Analytics 4, please check back in a few weeks. In the meantime, please feel free to subscribe to our product newsletter. We ship new features every week.

What other data sources, apart from GA, are supported?

The free version of Narrative bI is available for Google Analytics. If you want to learn more about other integrations, please contact us at, and we would love to know more about your specific needs.

What access rights do users need to connect a GA source? Admin or viewer?

You must have at least Read & Analyze permission to connect the GA data source.

Please also make sure Narrative BI can download your GA data.

Is there a way to provide access to the analytics account without having full access to my personal Google account?

In order to generate insights from your GA data Narrative BI needs to download the data from your Google Analytics account. Also, our application is verified by Google and we request necessary permissions only. So, we don't need full access to your personal Google account.

How many data sources can I connect?

Our free beta version supports one GA instance per team. If you want to add more data sources, don't hesitate to contact our team:

Can I invite other team members to collaborate?


How is it different from Google Analytics Insights and other self-service tools for Google Analytics?

Unlike other solutions, Narrative BI not only notifies you about the predefined set of metrics but also proactively finds anomalies and outliers and provides actionable recommendations. Narrative BI generates a feed of natural language-generated narratives, which are easy to understand.

What languages are supported?

Currently, we support the English language only.

Is my data safe?

Your privacy is our highest priority! Narrative BI is verified by Google and provides top-level security out of the box. Narrative BI application runs in private networks. Our servers are being continuously monitored for suspicious activity.

We use the best industry-standard encryption protocols for data transfer and key storage.

Do I need a credit card to sign up? How much does it cost?

Narrative BI Beta is free!

Do you sell my data?

We never sell customers' data to any third party. Data privacy is in the first place for us and our clients.

I need help / have a specific question. How can I reach out to you?

Don't hesitate to contact us at or use a live chat button at the right bottom corner in the Narrative BI app.

Can’t find the answers you’re looking for? You can chat with our friendly team!
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