Accelerate Your Growth with Automated  Reporting for HubSpot.

  • Easily monitor your key HubSpot metrics such as sales pipeline, conversion, revenue, engagement, and much more.
  • Find growth opportunities with AI-powered insights and recommendations.
  • Analyze your HubSpot data alongside your other data sources in one place.
Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and top-notch startups
HubSpot reporting platform
Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and top-notch startups
Automated sales reports

Turn your sales data into actionable insights

View your HubSpot CRM and Marketing data side-by-side to see the whole picture. Easily spot missing insights that affect conversion rates and save time on data entry. Stop wasting time on manual CRM data export and build automated reports in two clicks instead.
Optimize email campaigns

Easily track and optimize your HubSpot email campaigns

Analyse your emails and share the most relevant metrics with your clients or team. Get automated reports and alerts about engagements, open and click rates, bounces, delivery confirmations, and other critical metrics.
Web Analytics Reports

Easily Monitor HubSpot Web Analytics

Gain an edge with comprehensive tracking and analysis of your web traffic. Transform data into your secret weapon with an intuitive HubSpot reporting tool. Share insightful reports on engagements and conversion rates with ease.
Narrative BI's Generative AI Platform

Automated hubspot analytics

Get a holistic view of your marketing and sales data

Effortlessly unify your marketing and sales data in one place. Get AI-powered insights on conversions, revenue, and sales pipeline. Understand how your marketing efforts impact sales with natural language insights.
Track all metrics in one place

Track all metrics in one place

Get a holistic view of all your sales, marketing, and service metrics from HubSpot alongside other data sources and channels.
GPT Insights

GPT Insights

Uncover new growth opportunities with regular AI-powered insights on your key marketing and sales activities. Elevate your analytics efforts with natural language stories.
Impact Events

Impact Events

Understand how your marketing activities affect sales. Identify opportunities for improvement and boost your sales conversion.
Top Performers Spotlight

Top Performers Spotlight

Discover your top-performing channels, gain actionable insights to replicate success and drive results.
Scheduled HubSpot reports

Scheduled HubSpot reports

Receive automated HubSpot reports via email daily, weekly, or monthly.
Seamless Slack integration

Seamless Slack integration

No team member has to miss out. Receive relevant insights directly in Slack.

Don't miss out on this essential HubSpot reporting tool!

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Artem Vysotsky

I have been able to make better decisions and improve my business's bottom line.

Narrative BI is an amazing business analytics platform that has given me the tools and insights to take my business to the next level. I highly recommend Narrative BI to anyone looking to get a better understanding of their data and how it can be used to drive better business decisions.
Arsen Avdalyan

Narrative BI helps me view and act on tons of customer data points easily.

There’s a lot of customer data in the internal analytics tools, but it’s not actionable for our product team. You have to spend a lot of time to detect unexpected user behavior. Narrative BI helps me understand our users better and now it’s easier to decide which features we should optimize next.
Nik Savrov

Our first experience of getting insights from Narrative BI was very unusual.

We were delighted to see how the tool went from knowing nothing to providing a valuable feedback almost immediately. Even on small datasets, the performance was remarkable, and Narrative BI generated valuable insights we previously missed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are HubSpot reports used for?

HubSpot reports are used for tracking and analyzing various aspects of your marketing, sales, and customer service efforts. Narrative BI’s HubSpot integration offers dynamic and automated reports that cover main business objectives , including website traffic, lead generation, email marketing, social media engagement, sales performance, customer satisfaction, and more.

Why not use HubSpot's native reports?

Using HubSpot's native reports can be beneficial for many businesses. However, there are some notable limitations of its native reporting capabilities:

  • Limited customization;
  • Data source constraints;
  • Lack of advanced analytics;
  • Limited data visualization options;
  • Constraints in integrating with third-party tools;
  • Potential scalability challenges.

What HubSpot data can I track?

You can track and analyze data from:

  • HubSpot Web Analytics;
  • HubSpot CRM data;
  • HubSpot email campaigns.
  • HubSpot marketing data.

Zero coding expertise is required. You can connect data sources in a few clicks and get automated reports and insights in minutes.

How do I set up the Narrative BI HubSpot Integration?

Setting up Narrative BI with your HubSpot account is quick and straightforward. Follow our comprehensive Setup Guide for detailed instructions on installation, configuration, and customization to start turning your HubSpot data into actionable insights.

Can’t find the answers you’re looking for? You can reach out to our friendly team!
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