Get automated insights. Stop spending hours in Google Analytics.

Never miss anomalies in your website data. Stay updated on your most important metrics every day. Share insights and collaborate with your team.
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Is your Google Analytics
full of smoke and mirrors?

A person sits in front of the computer, frustrated about Google Analytics data.
No pre-built alert system on key metrics?
Can’t discover the blind spots in your data?
Can’t shed a light on your funnel?
Can’t share insights with the team?
Narrative BI simplifies a complex world of Google Analytics for you.
We make data act and talk: identify trends, always know whether you’re on-track with your goals and share what’s important with your team.
Augmented analytics platform

Actionable insights at
your fingertips with zero coding

Narrative BI automatically generates a tailored feed of data narratives. We let you capture anomalies, spikes and trends when they happen. Act confidently, we back you.
Main screen of Narrative BI for Google Analytics.
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I don’t need to spend my time in Google Analytics anymore!

The platform automatically generates the feed of only relevant insights that I can easily implement in my marketing and product activites as a founder. All alerts are in natural language, so I can clearly communicate them to my team or discuss right in Narrative BI. Can’t wait to see new features and data sources!

Our first experience of getting insights from Narrative BI was very unusual.

We were delighted to see how the tool went from knowing nothing to providing a valuable feedback almost immediately. Even on small datasets, the performance was remarkable, and Narrative BI generated valuable insights we previously missed.”
Augmented analytics platform

Why Narrative BI is worth signing up?

Check out the features our users appreciate the most and find the one that is a game-changer for your team!
Example of the data analytics metrics represented as Instagram stories.

All the metrics under one roof

Stay updated on your main KPIs
and goals in one place.
Insight from Google Analytics about revenue increase.

Natural language generation

No more guessing games: receive transparent insights in English.
Visual representation of alert message in Narrative BI for Google Analytics.

Anomaly detection

24/7 coverage: Narrative BI wil notify you on the spikes in your data.
Example of the insight sharing screen in Narrative BI tool.

Insights sharing

Two heads are better than one: share most interesting insights with your team via email.
Example of the comment section in Narrative BI tool.

In-narrative collaboration

Don’t feel like sharing? Just mention your team member right in the insight!
Urgent notifications in Narrative BI.

Events alerts

Don’t know where to start? Explore most critical alerts first that are automatically vetted for you.
and many more features...
Two people walking, holding computer and Narrative BI flag.
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See how natural language and anomaly detection can free up your team from doomscrolling Google Analytics
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