About Narrative BI

Narrative BI is a Silicon Valley-based company that makes data analytics available for everyone.
Thousands of growth teams make data-driven decisions every day using Narrative BI’s tailored solutions.

Our story

Narrative BI was founded by a diverse group of tech entrepreneurs with succesful exits in the past: we combined experience in entreprise software development, data science and e-commerce to create an analytics platform people want.
We believe in a personal touch, with flexibility to handle any use-case or challenge your business presents to us. Our goal is to win your business through an effortless approach to BI with a personal touch.

Our mission:

Change the way how people interact with data and make it available to everyone.

Meet the team

Embracing remote collaboration from the start, Narrative BI unites a unique team as if under one roof. Our strength lies in a blend of seasoned engineers, recognized for their significant open-source and data science achievements, and serial entrepreneurs. Together, we transform complex data into actionable insights, driving growth across the globe.
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