New Features to Harness the Power of Team Collaboration

Our goal has always been to make advanced analytics more accessible and enjoyable for everyone, and we've made new steps in that direction.

With new features we continue to create a supportive environment of collaboration within our platform, enabling your team members to share narratives and drive your work forward.

Improved Invite Flow

Now it's even easier to invite your teammates to Narrative BI. Just go to the Team Settings, type your colleague's email and click 'Send Invite'. Your teammate will instantly receive an email with instructions and you can always re-send or revoke the invite. If you haven't already, invite your colleagues to get the most of Narrative BI, as our platform is designed to be super collaborative.

It is our hope that your team members will join us to discover actionable narratives with ease.

Bug Fixes & Minor Updates

  • No more identical alerts in your email. We have ensured you will never receive multiple email alerts on the same anomaly.
  • Improved onboarding process powered by more relevant and precise email instructions. If you experience any issues during onboarding, email us at [email protected] or ping us in a support chat, and we’ll be happy to fix it for you.

New Sign Up Page

If you haven't tried Narrative BI, sign up now while our beta is totally free. A new sign-up page gets you started with Narrative Bi with minimal effort.

Your Feedback Matters

We build Narrative BI because we like empowering product-led teams to do great things with data. We are very proud to have gained your trust and are committed to making Narrative BI even more stable, feature-rich, and enjoyable every day.

We are good listeners, keep sending your feedback, it helps us improve insight into your business.

As always, if you have questions or feedback about Narrative BI, don't hesitate to reach out at [email protected]

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