Improved search to help you find insights faster

Narrative BI team’s New Year’s resolution was to deliver even more improvements, better performance and stability and most of all: more customer happiness! Read our first update of the year 2022 to learn more about the new features!

Improved Search

The improved Search UI allows you to filter your narratives by hashtags, either from the search bar or by clicking on a relevant hashtag in the narrative. This makes it super easy to find narratives with specific hashtags related to metrics you’re mostly interested in.

Calendar updates include a new visual look with quick filters (last week, this month etc) that can be applied with a single click.

In-app Product Updates

Narrative BI team is working to improve our product: we ship new features on a weekly basis. If you enjoy reading our release notes, it’s now easier to keep track of new and improved features. Just click on the ‘What’s new’ buttons in the right sidebar or next to the Narrative logo in the header. The buttons will be highlighted when new release notes are ready.

Also, you can always check what’s new on our website.

Improved onboarding flow for invited users

Narrative BI is designed as a collaborative product, so you are always welcome to invite new users to your team. We've made it easier for new users to get up and running with Narrative BI.  You can quickly add your colleagues to the team using the improved invitation input. Your team mates will receive a welcome email with instructions and a link to our beginner resources. This will significantly help speed up your team's on-boarding experience.

As always, if you have questions or feedback about Narrative BI, don't hesitate to reach out at [email protected]

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