Get Your Custom Insights Faster with Calendar Filter

We are improving Narrative BI with every update! Here is the list of updates we have for this week!

Calendar Filter

Have you dreamt of a calendar filter? You got it! We released this exciting new feature. Now you can get your insights quicker with Calendar Filter. Calendar Filter lets you choose a date interval from the calendar to adjust your feed so that it only displays insights generated within the preferred period. Now you can focus on what matters most.

Fixed Comments Rendering Issue

With our latest release, we have fixed the issue with comments rendering, that some users faced recently. Now all narrative comments are loaded smoothly and seamlessly.

Improved Onboarding Process

Improvements have been made to the onboarding process: no more frozen screens while connecting to a data source. Getting started is now much quicker.

First 50,000 Narratives Delivered!

There are more clients gaining value from our forward-looking platform. With great pleasure, we announce that Narrative BI has reached a new milestone: we have delivered 50,000 insights for our beta customers!

Something Bigger Is Here

You may have noticed us improving your marketing analytics arsenal in the past months. And with the upcoming major platform update, we will deliver advanced capabilities and enhancements, empowering you with out-of-the-box self-service analytics. We are is investing all our efforts in the upcoming release of the Narrative BI platform to the public. Stay tuned!

Customer Voice Is Important to Us

Your ability to identify issues enables us to quickly solve them. Your involvement really puts us ahead of the game! Thank you all for collaborating with our team on bringing those features forward!

Keep sharing your great ideas and feature requests with us! We’ll definitely use that going forward.

Bring all your team onboard to collaborate!

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]

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Did you know that Narrative BI makes tracking your marketing performance effortless? It connects to your digital marketing channels and generates automated reports and alerts.

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Curt Cuscino

Encapsulates Marketing + Advertising Performance Data to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Google Analytics is ultra-powerful when it comes to managing our clients’ MarTech stacks, but it’s easy to get lost in the overwhelming amount of data there. Narrative has given us a way to get “just the good stuff”, and the most important metrics we need for making daily decisions on behalf of my agency’s clients from Analytics to Ad Spends. The condensed insights we get from Narrative are incredibly helpful, and now indispensable in our daily mix of tools.

George Pohl

Narrative BI is well suited for SME's!

Narrative firstly is a great tool for beginners in marketing analytics - it allows all of our team - even non-technical / analytical get involved! As Mark Ritson said, 'The average is the enemy of the marketer' and Narrative helps us fight that battle every day. Instead of wading through averages, we can spot and evaluate the outliers, the true insights.