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New login page and reliability improvements: September 10th Release

New login page

As the Narrative BI team is committed to delivering new product improvements for our users every week, we're constantly working on the underlying tech enhancements. Yes, it's not as fun as end-user features, but making Narrative BI a secure and reliable platform is our top priority!

So, what's new?

  • New Login Page: if you didn't visit Narrative Bi for a while, it's time to log back in here:
  • Bug with Full Name update is fixed now. Feel free to update your name!
  • Database engine update: Narrative BI app is even more reliable now!
  • Now it's easier to connect your first data source. You will be redirected to the onboarding screen if you didn't connect a Google Analytics instance and accidentally left the onboarding screen. Moreover, if no data sources are connected, you will receive an automated email reminder with an onboarding link.

If you are not signed up yet, now is the time: Narrative BI is still in beta, and you can sign up for free!

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