KPI Tracking

Automated Data Monitoring.

  • Monitor all your essential metrics around the clock.
  • Receive real-time updates via email or Slack.
  • Never miss a critical change in your key metrics.
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Proactive monitoring of your key metrics

Narrative BI makes it easy to monitor your data continuously. Connect your data sources and set up automated monitoring to receive real-time updates on your key metrics. Stay informed and act quickly with our seamless tracking tools.
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Data Monitoring

Automated Monitoring Tool
Narrative BI provides comprehensive monitoring of your data, ensuring you stay informed about your performance metrics and can react promptly to any changes.
Automated Tracking

Automated Tracking

Get immediate updates on your key metrics as they happen.
Select what metrics to track

Select what metrics to track

Track all your important data points effortlessly and accurately.
Automated Alerts

Automated Alerts

Receive alerts on significant changes in your performance metrics to take timely action.
Anomaly detection insights
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