Automated Reports.

  • All key metrics from your data sources in one place.
  • Get automated reports via email or Slack.
  • Share reports with your whole team.
Automate your reports
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Automate reports

Report Automation
With Narrative BI, you can automate your reports in minutes. Connect your data sources and get automated reports delivered by email or in Slack. Building reports with Narrative BI is easy – you can drag and drop your primary metrics and get automated reports in minutes.

Automated Reporting Tool

Why Choose Narrative BI for Automated Reporting?
Narrative BI allows you to automate all your reports and send them according to your schedule. You can deliver reports to your whole organization or clients, or explore and save your reports in the app.
Daily Reports

Daily Reports

Receive concise reports on your key metric changes.
Weekly Reports

Weekly Reports

Get meaningful weekly reports to stay on top of your business performance.
Monthly Reports

Monthly Reports

Monthly reports to understand the performance of your business.
Anomaly detection insights
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