Streamlined Data Visualization. Priority Alerts. Page Speed Insights.

We just updated our Narrative BI App with several improvements to streamline your narrative data visualization, provide you with greater control over your feed, and a better overall experience.

Here’s a rundown of the new updates and fixes now available in Narrative BI.

Improved Narratives and Alerts

  • Alerts have been fine-tuned and prioritized. No more struggling to understand the importance and urgency of certain alerts. Now you will receive only urgent alerts on the primary metrics.
  • Visualization fixes - things are running smoothly now as far as we know. Let us know if you experience anything that needs corrective action. We’ve also added many improvements to line charts, making them easier to read.
  • We have augmented the narratives with absolute values. Using both absolute and relative values helps you better understand what's happening without the need to delve into the chart.
  • Grouping secondary insights within a narrative allows you to compare different metrics within a single chart while decreasing noise.

Improved Feed

  • The feed has been fine-tuned and adjusted to your time zone.
  • There will be no day vs day narratives anymore. Some of you marked 'day of the month' vs 'day of the previous month' insights as 'not helpful' – we got it. Instead, we have enabled improved MoM narratives. New implementation of 'period vs period' insights will be more relevant. Don't forget to check your feed.
  • Following your requests, we added advanced archiving capabilities. If you don't like particular narratives, or want to clean up your feed, click 'Archive' in a narrative submenu, or simply mark them 'not helpful'. Irrelevant narratives will get archived and disappear from your feed. Narratives you archived aren't deleted, and you can access them any time.

Page load speed narratives

A new type of narrative within the Website Performance topic: page load speed! Site speed is critical for conversions and search engine rankings. With Narrative BI you will be always on top of your website performance!

Hashtags are back!

The hashtags function was temporarily disabled as we upgraded our Insight Generation Engine. Now hashtags are back. You can filter and search using hashtags again.

One more thing to remember. We're making it possible for everyone on your team to access the data they need without forcing engineers to create new code for each event they need to track. Encourage your team members to be innovative, invite them to use Narrative BI!

Any questions or feedback, we'd love to hear from you. Feel free to drop us a line at: [email protected]

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