Narrative BI Slack integration – never miss a critical alert again

This release brings new capabilities to make working with your Google Analytics data more efficient.

Save Time with Slack Integration

We are excited to announce our new integration with Slack. It's another step in our plan to fuel growth teams.

With Narrative BI's Slack integration, you can stay updated on all of your Google Analytics data without leaving Slack! No more time wasted switching between tools. You can now get alerts and valuable narratives, sharing them with your team directly via Slack.

Improved Onboarding Experience

We've improved the onboarding mechanism to guarantee stable work and make all our users successful with this update. The onboarding emails are now being delivered at the right time.

The empty alerts bug has also been fixed. You will no longer be routed to the empty feed while Narrative BI New Insight Engine generates your first narratives.

Improved Calendar

By default, the first day of the workweek is defined as Monday. We want to be mindful of your time. Now you can get up to date on daily insights even faster.

New Topics Available

We have added new topics for your narratives: Conversion and Geography. Now it's easier to filter out narratives by common topics. Find the most relevant insights on topics chosen by you.

With new Conversion tracking narratives, you can see how effectively your marketing activities lead to valuable customer actions on your website. Conversion tracking helps understand how users engage across channels. To view your new narratives, navigate to your Topics tab, click Conversions or Geography, and drill down drill into topic-level narratives.

We work a lot to ensure that the first news source you check every morning is your Narrative BI feed. Narrative BI is all about simplicity and quick wins! Keep your eyes open, something new is coming...

Any questions or feedback, we'd love to hear from you. Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected].

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