Powerful Scheduled Reports to Track Your Key Metrics

We're continuing to listen to our clients and delivering the most requested features. Scheduled reports are here, and we couldn't be more excited about this!

We know how repetitive and tedious it is to track the most important metrics one by one manually. We automated this manually performed job. With Scheduled Reports, you'll never have to do this tedious task again. There are not so many hours in a day to do value-added work, so don't waste them on manual tracking!

Scheduled reports

All report settings are now available in a separate tab. With Summary Reports on your primary metrics, you can ensure that you progress towards your key business goals.

You can capture the change on your preferred schedule - daily, weekly, or monthly. If you haven't already done so, jump over here and set your schedule! Now you may decide exactly where to focus your efforts for the most significant possible impact.

The Daily Reports now reflect changes vs. the previous day letting you win each micro-moment of your customer journey.

Important note: if you signed up in the middle of the month, you would be able to see your month-over-month narratives at the beginning of the following month. Be patient; some things take time!

Simplified sharing experience

Now it's even easier to share meaningful insights with your teammates via email. Just type in their email addresses, and they, too, will get the narrative. Boom!

Grouped narratives

Secondary metrics assist you in gathering information that is critical to long-term success. We've gone ahead, whereas secondary metrics are grouped within a single 'nested' narrative so that you can focus on your primary KPIs.

Data Alerts and Reports are now separated in the menu

Now it's easy to filter the insights requiring the most urgent action from the less urgent ones by selecting the relevant menu item.

We send you data-driven alerts when data changes above or below important thresholds for your business.

Scheduled Reports provide insights helping you track more ambitious metrics, long-distance events, or secondary metrics that don't demand immediate action.

Bug fixes

  • Many users reported that they'd seen an empty feed after a successful connection. The issue was caused by a problem in a third-party data integration tool, fixed now.
  • Several users reported that they'd received narratives about a specific period that was not over by then. Fixed.
  • No more duplicated alerts and duplicated values in the charts.

What are the next steps?

Will there be new features and enhancements in the future? Absolutely! We're well-positioned for the long term with our recent funding and continuous growth and are working on plans to achieve our ambitious goals in 2022 and beyond.

Please continue sending us your feedback and ideas of the new features you would like to see in Narrative BI via email: [email protected].

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