Narrative BI Announces Official Beta Launch of Augmented Analytics Platform

We're so excited to announce today the launch of Narrative BI Public Beta with a set of powerful new features to help you surface the most valuable Google Analytics insights. This is a big chance for many growth teams to try out lightweight but powerful marketing analytics.

Manually Identifying trends and spotting anomalies in Google Analytics can be exceedingly laborious, not to mention imprecise, using traditional approaches.

Our new Insight Generation Engine, along with other powerful features, is a game-changer for busy growth teams who need a way to get ahead of emerging trends or blind spots.

New Insight Generation Engine

The new Insight Generation Engine is expanding the capabilities of the Narrative BI platform. Narrative BI becomes your single point of truth, no matter the amount of Google Analytics data processed.

The Insight Generation Engine reduces manual effort, helping you detect the issues in the past and present, find opportunities, and make informed, confident action.

The Insight Generation Engine works out of the box on any Google Analytics metrics so you can automatically get insights to your preferred channel. It provides natural language explanations for the insights, helping you quickly find and explore key Google Analytics data insights such as anomalies, unusual behavior, spikes, trends, and KPI analysis.

New Insight Topics

In addition to the Website Performance, User Behavior, and Active Users insights, now you can opt-in for new topics.

Conversion Tracking Insights

It can be confusing to navigate Google Analytics and dig into specific metrics that tell you about the conversions happening on your website. Don't waste time reinventing the wheel. Narrative BI for Google Analytics solves that problem.


Today, every business deals with geographic data. The new Geo Insights feature is now available for all Narrative BI users. Go to your account settings page to activate Geo insights! Get a broader understanding of your user data and identify trends across cities, regions, and countries.

Save Time with Slack Integration

Integration with Slack is another step in our big plan to fuel growth teams.

With Narrative BI's Slack integration, you can stay updated on all of your Google Analytics data without leaving Slack! No more time wasted switching between tools. You can now get alerts and valuable narratives, sharing them with your team directly via Slack.

Scheduled reports and flexible notifications

Scheduled Reports

Scheduled reports are here, and we couldn't be more excited about this feature. Keep an eye on all your key metrics with our new daily, weekly, and monthly reports sent directly to your Slack or email.

We genuinely believe that scheduled reports offer a better experience and allow you to make better decisions and take better actions with data. Get reports on a schedule 🗓️ that you set: daily, weekly, or monthly.

Notification Settings to Cut Noise

Notifications are an essential communication tool that helps us keep you up-to-date on all relevant events.

Less is more, especially when it comes to notifications where it's easy to end up with too much noise.

The long-awaited feature, flexible notification settings, has been finally added to Narrative BI. We've got you covered to help you deal with notification overload.

Coordinating your messaging across channels is essential. With the new notifications settings page, you can quickly customize the frequency and channels (email, Slack) for notifications on new insights and get your narratives most conveniently.

Check out how easy it is. Stay focused and manage notifications more efficiently.

We Appreciate Your Feedback

Would you please tell us what you think about the new set of features within Public Beta so we can continue to improve and expand Narrative BI? If you have any feedback for the team, please drop a line at: [email protected].

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