Introducing Narrative BI premium plans. Pages tracking.

Ten months ago, we launched Narrative BI. Since then, our product has matured greatly, thanks to your feedback! We’ve run Narrative BI as a free SaaS offering — featuring key features such as automated reports and alerts and Slack integration, along with some limited capabilities.

Over time, the usage of Narrative BI has grown significantly to the point where we now have thousands of users and hundreds of millions of MAU (end-user data) processed. In order to support our aggressive roadmap and fast development, we gradually opened access to some premium features and expanded limits to some users. Today, we’re excited to share that all Narrative BI users can now upgrade to premium features with extended limits.

While we’re excited by the fast growth of Narrative BI, we also want to keep Narrative BI free and accessible to individual users and small teams with basic use cases. So you can continue using our free plan with certain limitations.

Introducing premium plans and new Free plan limits

Our Free Narrative BI plan will continue to include UA and GA4 data sources, Slack integration, 2 seats, daily data syncs, unlimited alerts and automated reports, but will be limited to 100K website sessions per month.

If you want to increase your session limit, you can upgrade your account to one of our premium plans: Pro ($90/month), Growth ($490/month) or Enterprise.

In addition to increased session limits, with our premium plans you can:

  • add more sources
  • invite more people to your team
  • create multiple workspaces
  • sync data more frequently

And, most importantly, our premium plans include additional integrations – Google Ads and Facebook Ads (currently in beta).

In our next product update, we will announce many more premium features, including custom data (metrics and dimensions).

Learn more about our plans here:

Page tracking

Another exciting premium feature is page tracking (available on the Growth plan). Now you can monitor your goals on specific pages like a signup page. Simply add a page url you want to track and tracked pages will be prioritized in the feed and will trigger alerts.

User-friendly errors

A few months ago, we received some feedback about inconsistent error messages from one of our community members.

We value user feedback, so we have fully redesigned our error/warning notifications throughout the app. All error messages have been unified, built-in errors and pop-ups have been redesigned, validation has been improved, and much more under the hood.

Bug fixes

  • Some users reported inconsistency and data discrepancy in their weekly reports. The issue is now fixed and incorrect reports have been updated.
  • Improved reports appearance: the ‘Top pages’ section is now aligned in the GA reports.

If you have any questions about our pricing, contact us at [email protected]!

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