Nested Narratives: View Your Google Analytics Data at a Glance

We have added a handful of updates and features on top of the existing Narrative BI capabilities to make it even more useful for you and your team.

Nested Narratives

We're bringing all your narratives together, so you can see all your Google Analytics insights at a glance. Similar secondary narratives are now organized into clusters - Nested Narratives - that make it easier to instantly find the most relevant ones.

View nested narratives by clicking on a narrative card or filter your feed by '#nested' tag:

Eliminated Confusion Over Bounce Rate Narratives

Narrative BI shows changes in your key Google Analytics metrics in percents, while some metrics, like bounce rate, are measured in percent by default. It was not always easy to understand such relative percentage changes.

No more confusion for you. We are switching the way we show your Google Analytics metrics. Instead, Narrative BI now highlights the changes in a specific metric in percentage points, helping you spot trends and anomalies faster than ever before. Narrative BI has made this transition because the number of points is intuitive for most people.

You can track changes and progress over time with more accuracy when you see the numbers, and it's easy to interpret how much an increase or decrease has affected your website performance. Check it out:

Bug Fixes

We went through your reports and metrics, noted the problems, solved the most critical issues, and fixed the bugs.

  • No more narratives about "0% changes" will appear in your key metrics.
  • Clear data, no bugs. In this week’s update, we've improved the monthly change visualization and fixed the chart order, so it now shows the previous month first.

New Product Tour

Check out our new Product Tour 🚀 that will walk you through the most important elements of Narrative BI, helping you gain insights into your Google Analytics! Everything you and your team need to get going!

We're Always Around to Listen

At Narrative BI, we’re always looking for ways to improve our platform. Keep giving us your feedback to help us build a product that your team loves and makes the most of! Send us an e-mail at [email protected]. And don’t forget to stay connected with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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