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Narrative BI is a community-driven product from day one. Everything we build is validated by our users and user feedback is a central pillar of our product strategy. To give our users an even bigger voice, we created the Narrative BI community. In this post, learn how user feedback helps us improve the product and what we’ve been working on lately.

We Launched a Community for You

We've recently introduced our new community where growth leaders and marketer professionals can learn and help each other while also connecting with the Narrative BI team and making the product better.

Your opinion has always mattered. And now it’s even easier to share your feedback – join our community using this link or seamlessly navigate to the community from your account.

Historical Insights

Many of you wanted to see historical insights and compare the website performance against the previous periods. Now, when connecting a new source, Narrative BI collects more data (current month + two full previous months) to generate narratives over longer periods of time.

We also improved the initial feed for the newly added data sources. When a new data source is connected, you will see more useful reports and less narratives related to day-to-day fluctuations.

So, if you want to connect additional data sources and get historical narratives – now you can do it!

All sizes welcome

We decreased the usage threshold for low usage websites. Now you need as little as 10 WAU in order to start using Narrative BI. That means, that even if you have a low usage website, you can connect your GA profile and start getting narratives.

On the contrary, if you have millions of weekly users on your website, you don’t need to wait hours until Narrative BI fully processes your data. Now, the initial data sync takes just a few minutes.

Bug fixes

  • Due to the high demand and load on our servers, some users experienced issues and errors during onboarding. When we hit the milestones of having 1,000+ companies on the platform and generating more than 3M data narratives, we understood that things are getting serious. So, much needed infrastructure upgrade will allow us to support even more new users. Feel free to share Narrative BI with your friends, so they can experience a smooth onboarding!
  • Nested narratives in your feed now reflect only narratives from the selected objectives: less noise.

Thanks to all our users who already provided a lot of feedback! With our dedicated community, sharing feedback is easier than ever, so join it!

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