Narrative BI for Google Analytics: Beta Is Open to Everyone!

Last week, we onboarded our first users from the waitlist, and starting today, Narrative BI for Google Analytics is open to all! Please sign up to our beta here (it's free!):

Along with the previous updates, here is the list of features that were added last week:

  • Security update: only creators can delete a data source now + fixed some privacy issues.
  • New type of narrative: page views! Now you can check your most popular pages and compare their performance.
  • Seamless update of the feed. No need to reload the page to get new narratives.
  • Bug fixes: correct dates in the feed, correct periods in the narratives, empty topics are no longer shown, no more duplicated insights, no more outdated narratives and no more narratives from the future 🥏.
  • KPI settings: now you can personalize your feed at any time!

We would love to hear your questions and feedback. If you have any questions – shoot us an email [email protected].

Please enjoy!

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