Flexible Notifications Settings to Cut out Noise

Our team has been working non-stop to bring more data analytics innovation to you. With the most recent update to Narrative BI we are excited to announce new enhancements to Narrative BI.

Notification settings: less is more

Notifications are an essential communication tool that helps us keep you up-to-date on all relevant events.

Less is more, especially when it comes to notifications where it’s easy to end up with too much noise.

The long-awaited feature, flexible notification settings, has been finally added to Narrative BI. We've got you covered to help you deal with notification overload.

Coordinating your messaging across channels is important. With the new notifications settings page, you can quickly customize the frequency and channels (email, Slack) for notifications on new insights and get your narratives most conveniently.

Check out how easy it is. Stay focused and manage notifications more efficiently.

Actionable narratives in your pocket

Every second on mobile matters. We want to drive insights everywhere, so we've made your data interaction on mobile devices easier, allowing for a great mobile experience.

  • Now you can view your feed on mobile devices – it is optimized for viewing on smaller screens.
  • We have improved visual communication with your data - all viewed narratives are marked in the feed now. Finding new narratives is fast and easy with the narrowed amount of data shown in your succinct and clean feed.

That is all for this week. We hope that you enjoy the update. Please continue sending us your feedback and ideas of the new features you would like to see in Narrative BI via email: [email protected]

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