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Better onboarding, bug fixes and new users: August 6th release

TGIF, and you know what that means: new product updates in our blog!

Here is what we've done this week:

  • We onboarded new users from the waiting list (which keeps growing while we speak here, and now more than 200 companies are willing to try the tool) and generated thousands of insights for them!
  • Narrative BI is all about simplicity; that's why we made our onboarding even easier to complete by removing fields like role and company size.
  • Now you can invite your teammates hassle-free: we fixed all the imperfections, and now it works properly (our team members are inviting their friends now - that's how good this feature is)
  • Since users are receiving information about new insights via email, we are constantly improving our emails and making minor adjustments to the style, preview text, and general language of our external communication; we hope you like it!

If you want to explore Narrative BI for GA, click here to learn more!

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