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CPP is the the average cost of each purchase through an advertising campaign.

Facebook Ads CPP

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CPP Meaning

What is CPP?

Cost Per Purchase (CPP) or in Facebook Ads refers to the cost associated with each pixel's worth of advertising space purchased on the Facebook platform. This metric is particularly useful in digital marketing where ads are often priced according to the amount of screen real estate they occupy. CPP helps advertisers understand how much they are spending relative to the visibility their ads receive on user screens, providing a granular insight into the efficiency of the ad spend. This calculation can be made by dividing the total cost of the ad campaign by the number of pixels that the ad occupies on the screen, enabling marketers to optimize their ad placements and budget allocations for maximum effectiveness.

Facebook Ads CPP

CPP Tracking

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Target CPP: 2024 Benchmark

Average Facebook Ads CPP

What is a good CPP for Facebook Ads?

The average Facebook Ads CPP depends on industry, geography, and campaign strategy.

The average CPP in Facebook Ads across all industries is $20.93.

Data is calculated for the the United States-located accounts only.

CPP vs

CPP specifically measures the average cost of each purchase through an advertising campaign.

On the other hand, measures

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