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Why Change the Pricing?

Key Changes

A Win-Win for Existing and New Customers

Narrative BI Unveils New Pricing: Unlimited Seats, More Accessible and Flexible Plans

New pricing

In a bold move to democratize data insights further, Narrative BI is announcing its revamped pricing and packaging model, a shift designed to make advanced analytics more accessible and enable all Narrative BI customers with AI capabilities.

Why Change the Pricing?

Our mission has always been to make insights more accessible, but the existing tiered pricing model created adoption barriers, and the seat limits didn’t help either. Another challenge was to make AI-powered features, such as AI Data Analyst and GPT Insights available to all customers, but the AI infrastructure is costly and the old pricing strategy with a Free plan was unsustainable. Feedback from our users highlighted the steep price jumps between tiers underscoring the need for a more inclusive pricing strategy.

In response to this feedback, we decided to introduce a pricing model that embodies our commitment to making insights universally accessible, without compromising on the power and sophistication of our AI-driven features.

Key Changes

Below are the key adjustments to our pricing model. The features and integrations each plan offers remain unchanged. For more details, please visit our pricing page.

Pro Plan

  • Cost: $30/source (per month)
  • Workspaces: 1
  • Seats: Unlimited

Growth Plan

  • Cost: $40/source (per month)
  • Workspaces: 50
  • Seats: Unlimited

Unlimited Seats

Central to our new pricing strategy is the introduction of unlimited seats across all plans, paired with more attractive, accessible pricing tiers. You can now invite all your organization and create multiple workspaces for different teams within Narrative BI.

More Accessible, Data Volume-Based Pricing

Now, access to the Growth plan starts as low as $40, with the Pro plan available for as little as $30 per source. Another important change is that you can connect an unlimited number of data sources on each plan: if you have more than 3 data sources on Pro, you won’t be forced to upgrade to Growth. This adjustment not only makes premium plans more affordable but also aligns with our aim to provide all customers, regardless of size or budget, access to AI-powered analytics and advanced Growth plan features.

Free Plan Will be Deprecated

We acknowledge the high costs associated with delivering cutting-edge AI features. As Narrative BI becomes an AI-first product, there’s no way for us to subsidize Free plan usage without compromising the quality. Furthermore, users currently on the Free plan will continue to enjoy their benefits, with GA4 insights available until Aug 29, 2024. After that, Free plan users could upgrade to one of our premium plans for as little as $30/mo with a 7-day free trial.

Flexible Pricing for Agencies

We are extending the workspace limit for the Growth plan customers. Now, agencies using the plan can create up to 50 workspaces with unlimited number of data sources and seats.

A Win-Win for Existing and New Customers

Existing paying customers can rest assured that they will remain on their current plans, with the option to have their pricing recalculated based on the number of sources — ensuring they benefit from whichever option is more economical.

Benefits of the New Model

Our usage-based pricing model aligns costs directly with the value provided, offering transparency and predictability in expenses. This flexible model supports customer growth and adapts to evolving needs without premature tier transitions. Importantly, it significantly reduces the barrier to entry for both entry-level Pro features and advanced Growth plan features, with only a 33% price difference between Pro and Growth plans— a significant reduction from the previous 5x difference.

We believe that data insights should empower every decision, regardless of the size or scope of your business. With our new pricing and packaging, accessing the full potential of Narrative BI has never been easier or more affordable. This change reaffirms our pledge to provide powerful, AI-enhanced analytics to all, fostering a culture of data-driven excellence across industries.

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