Narrative BI is named a finalist of Cloudflare’s First Launchpad Funding program.


Cloudflare just announced the first Workers Launchpad funding program. In conjunction with venture capital firms, they will provide up to $2 billion to back startups building on their Cloudflare Workers platform.

We are proud to announce that Narrative BI is one of the startups that made it to the inaugural cohort of the  Launchpad Startups program. Narrative BI was screened from hundreds of applicants, and we were selected alongside 25 other startups.

No-code analytics for all

Cloudflare’s Worker is a platform that has been instrumental to our company's growth. At Narrative BI, we are building a no-code analytics platform that makes marketing analytics and reporting easier. Cloudflare’s Worker provides  a platform for us to build, test, and ship products quickly and efficiently.

“The interest of top VC firms in this program proves that secure and reliable cloud products are still valued. We are excited to be selected to be a part of the first cohort,” says Michael Rumiantsau, Founder of Narrative BI

Being a part of the Launchpad Startups program will open up a new world of possibilities for us at Narrative BI. This program is allowing us to build Narrative BI faster while working closely with Cloudflare. We can deliver a better product to our customers with access to these tools and resources. We are looking forward to the growth and development opportunities to build a seamless marketing analytics platform for growth teams worldwide.

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