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Narrative BI is a generative analytics platform for growth teams that automatically turns data into actionable narratives. Narrative BI offers an easy-to-use alternative to Looker.

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Looker like solution with AI-generated insights

Some functionality overlaps between Narrative BI and Looker. However, Narrative BI stands out with plenty of unique benefits, such as:

  • Easy onboarding: connect all your data sources in a few clicks and get your first insights in minutes.
  • Automated insights: Narrative BI automatically generates a feed of personalized data narratives and notifies you about the anomalies and unusual patterns in your data.
  • Generative BI: leverage advanced AI to turn complex data into clear, actionable insights, and ask questions about your data.
AI-generated insights

3 Reasons to switch from Looker to Narrative BI

Looker has shut down. Switch to Narrative BI!

Receive AI-generated insights from your data automatically. Connect all your data sources in one place and get insights in minutes.

Actionable Insights

Purchase Insights
Learn not just what happened, but why it happened and what you can do with it. Uncover deeper insights with data narratives.
Purchase Insights
ROAS Insights

Automated Reporting

ROAS Insights
Get automated insights and reports about your key metrics via email or Slack!

Natural Language Generation

GPT Insights
No more guessing games: receive easy-to-understand insights in plain English or ask questions about your data.
GPT Insights
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