Automated Alerts.

  • Get AI-powered alerts on your key metric changes.
  • Instant notifications via email or Slack.
  • Customizable alerts to match your needs.
Automate your alerts
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Automated alerts

Anomaly Detection

Narrative BI makes it easy to stay on top of your data with automated alerts. Connect your data sources and set up alerts for the metrics that matter most. Receive instant notifications directly to your inbox or Slack, ensuring you never miss a critical update.
Anomaly Detection

Find Data Outliers

Find outliers in your data with Narrative BI
With Narrative BI, you can automate alerts to keep your team informed. Set up custom alerts to monitor your critical metrics and receive notifications as soon as something important happens.
Instant Alerts

Instant Alerts

Receive immediate notifications on significant changes in your key metrics.
Proactive Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring

Stay ahead with proactive monitoring that identifies potential issues before they become problems.
Immediate Action

Immediate Action

Enable your team to take immediate action on important alerts, ensuring you can respond swiftly to changes.

automated anomaly detection

Automate your alerts in a few clicks
Narrative BI integrates with your favorite business tools to provide automated alerts tailored to your needs. Connect your data sources in a few clicks and get automated alerts delivered by email or in Slack.
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